Planet: Seikyuuchi (性求地)

Life form Population... 1!


Made up mostly of water, with little land mass, Seikyuuji has had a strange history over the years...

Once considered a recreational hotspot, although with a slightly dubious reputation for excess and hedonism... Seikyuuji was teeming with life, but something went very wrong a few decades ago...

Suddenly closing it's borders, it seems an unknown medical emergency occured, with quarantine zones set up, martial law declared, and huge imports of medical scanners, DNA resequencers and salt water... The inhabitants of the planet refused assistance in the matter, and it's believed they were concerned outside visitors would bring more pathogens, and make the problem worse.

Unfortunately, whatever the illness was, it seems their attempts were unsuccesful... in all recoded history, no illness has spread as rapidly, and with such deadly effect as on Seikyuuchi, and it seems the population has reduced to the point it's difficult to be sure if any inteligent life forms are left alive at all.