Planet: Nouzetsuchi (脳絶地)

Life form Population
... 1!


Nouzetsuchi was a planet legendary for the intelligence of it's population... It's members were prized throughout the galaxy for their abilities in sciences and spiritual matters,

It's widely believed that the species inhabiting this planet were in some way possessed 'superior' mental abilities - and it was frequently noted that the mental powers of it's inhabitants were not just superior to others, but the gap was rapidly widening.

But that was all in the past... Abruptly, around 70 years ago, the inhabitants of Nouzetsuchi cut off all communication with the outside world... refusing contact, and even refusing to explain why they were refusing contact.

This raised a lot of concern, as the inhabitants of Nouzetsuchi were highly respected among the intergalactic community, but it's widely accepted such a legendarily high IQ species refuse help, they probably know what they are doing.